Piston Pneumatic Pumps

Pneumatic piston pumps for medium or high-pressure paint spraying, airless or air-assisted airless. Available in seven models, these pumps for professional paint spraying have been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Apollo professional paint spraying pumps

All the components of the pumping parts are in stainless steel and tungsten carbide. The instant volumetric inversion of the air pneumatic motor makes it possible to use the equipment without lubrication, eliminating the need for an anti-freeze system.

Apollo pneumatic pumps are suitable for the following sectors: wood and metal, naval, civil and industrial construction and heavy carpentry. They can be used, depending on the model, with enamels, lacquers, base coats and varnishes, medium, low and medium-high viscosity water-based paints, putties, ready-mix stucco, fillers and mural injection resins.

The Apollo paint spraying equipment have stainless steel fluid sections suitable to spray water and solvent based paints.