Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps for low pressure paint spraying suitable in the construction sector for medium-large surfaces. Mistral is suitable for all liquid and pasty products, because it is based on a unique volumetric rotating system.

Mistral professional paint spraying pumps

It is able to spray paint on all products with a grain size of up to 2.5mm including plasters, decorative laminates, anti-skid and bitumen materials, silicate resins, thermal insulators, insulating pastes, porous cement coatings, putties, artificial resins, fillers, primers, quartz paints, bituminous, fireproof and soundproofing coatings.

Mistral pump is suitable for the professional painting of interior and exterior plastering, renovations, waterproofing and industrial buildings. It can only be used with a gun equipped with an electronic remote control.