Spray guns nozzles

Berizzi produces and supplies nozzles for air-assisted airless and airless paint spraying guns manufactured by the company and compatible with the products of the main brands in the field (Graco, Optima, Kremlin® and Wagner). The nozzles are made with special materials, extremely hard and compact with high precision technologies, in order to guarantee exceptional atomization quality and maximum durability.


How to choose the right nozzles

When choosing the nozzle it is essential to consider the size of the surface to be covered and the quantity of product to be used and this entails:

  • Saving of time and material
  • Better finishing quality and greater productivity
  • Less frequent replacements

The airless nozzle is identified by the numbers printed in relief on it, for easy reading even when the paint settles: the first number indicates the diameter of the hole, the second number indicates the spraying angle.

To make sure that every nozzle built in our factory gives the best results, we test every nozzle that is built with carefully selected materials. The size of the nozzle, defined by the diameter of the hole, allows for a small, medium or large fan jet.