Inverted piston pneumatic pump

Inverted piston pneumatic pump for medium pressure professional paint spraying, airless or airless-assisted, suitable for the wood and metal sectors with low and medium viscosity enamels, lacquers, base coats and varnishes.

TKP303D APOLLO 303R Pneumatic Air assisted Piston Pump Reversed
W/Pressure Reducer - Trolley - Controlle Plate - Tank with adaptor - S. Steel Inline Filter


Technical specifications

Ratio: 30:1  
Pump capacity per cycle: cm3  40
Stroke. mm 60
Max. Delivery free flow: ltr/min 4,0
Number of stroke per liter: 25
Max. Working outlet pressure: Bar  (PSI) 240 (3480) 
Max. Air inlet pressure: Bar (PSI) 8 (116) 
Weight: kg. 14  
Air consumption: ltr/min 250 - 400  
Packing type: Fix
Material inlet fitting size: M 3/4”
Material outlet fitting size: M 1/4”
Packing material: PTFE - PE 


Suitable for low and medium viscosity varnish, lacquers, enamels and primer. 
All the components in the fluid section are in stainless steel and tungsten carbide, to guarantee always the best quality.